Motivation Case Study

Managers must realize that employee performance, productivity, and retention all depend largely upon their abilityto motivate.Aristotle says that every action that someone takes is due to one of seven causes that he identified.

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Skill Variety – the degree to which the job requires the use of different skills and talents 2.

Task Identity – the degree to which the job has contributed to a clearly identifiable larger project 3. Don’t be tempted to carry anyone who is not up to the job.

Task Significance – the degree to which the job has an impact on the lives or work of other people 4.

Autonomy – the degree to which the employee has independence, freedom and discretion in carrying out the job 5.

You can buy his physical presence at a given place.

But you cannot buy his enthusiasm or willingness to work.Motivating other people is about getting them to move in the direction you want them to go in order to achieve a result. Deci and Ryan (1985) suggested that intrinsic motivation is based on the needs to be competent and self-determining (that is, to have a choice).Motivating yourself is about setting the direction independently and then taking a course of action that will ensure that you get there. Intrinsic motivation can be enhanced by job or role design.Importance of motivation One important question before us is why motivation is so important for the managers? Motivation creates satisfaction which helps in improving employee performance and raise productivity.Although, performance is a function of an employee's abilities, skills and knowledge, it is influenced by work environment and motivation also.The efficiency of an organization depends on the competent, motivated and dynamic workforce.Ultimately, it is the 'people' who put plan into action and make things happen.Motivation can be described as goal-directed behavior. According to an early writer on the significance of the motivational impact of job design (Katz, 1964): ‘The job itself must provide sufficient variety, sufficient complexity, sufficient challenge and sufficient skill to engage the abilities of the worker.’ In their job characteristics model, Hackman and Oldham (1974) emphasized the importance of the core job dimensions as motivators, namely skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback. Extrinsic motivation Extrinsic motivation occurs when things are done to or for people to motivate them.People are motivated when they expect that a course of action is likely to lead to the attainment of a goal and a valued reward – one that satisfies their needs and wants. These include rewards, such as incentives, increased pay, praise, or promotion; and punishments, such as disciplinary action, withholding pay, or criticism. For this purpose, organizations need to motivate its employeeswho play an important and irreplaceable role by creating new valueswith their inherent powers andskills and bring in prosperity to the organization.Motivation directly influences the conduct of people and incentivizes employees to work and achieve their individual goals.


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