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As you can notice, the all 24 disks has been assigned as spare for host c DOT_node1.(Plus 3 spare disks from other shelf that was already assigned to the system) To create or extend an aggregate, we need spare disks available.CLUSTER-01 aggregate destroy aggr1_450sas This command will ask you to confirm that you are sure you would like to destroy this aggregate.

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Filer: Some Name Model: FAS2020 Version: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initiating a disk show shows the following: disk show DISK OWNER POOL SERIAL NUMBER------------ ------------- ----- -------------0c.00.11 FAC02 (135048330) Pool0 4AD7XX3Q00009925DGCC0c.00.4 FAC02 (135048330) Pool0 4AD7XX4800009928G98U0c.00.2 FAC02 (135048330) Pool0 4AD7XX8G00009928PPLH0c.00.6 FAC02 (135048330) Pool0 3QP0ZC2P00009926HBXK0c.00.0 FAC02 (135048330) Pool0 4AD7XXC900009928PP3P0c.00.7 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 4AD7XXEW00009928GNHA0c.00.10 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 4NE20JG400009926HEZS0c.00.3 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 4NE20EC100009928G4P00c.00.1 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 3QP0WZT400009926KCBN0c.00.5 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 4NE20FK5000099171W7V0c.00.8 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 3QP0ZRF100009926HEJT0c.00.9 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 4AD7XXHG00009928GDQW0b.18 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80380930b.22 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80955870b.21 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX79778560b.20 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80396000b.24 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80391140b.17 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80154930b.29 FAC02 (135048330) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80950490b.23 FAC02 (135048330) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80398070b.19 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX79776410b.27 FAC02 (135048330) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80396450b.28 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX79781940b.26 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80393420b.25 FAC02 (135048330) Pool0 XX-XXXXX80399540b.16 FAC01 (135048291) Pool0 XX-XXXXX7977866FAC01 -n -v -a] - lists disks and owners replace - replace a file system disk with a spare disk or stop replacing zero spares - Zero all spare disks checksum [-c block zoned] sanitize - sanitize one or more disks maint - run maintenance tests on one or more disks FAC01We tried the remove option as well as the replace but found that just as the description specifies, these commands expect you to be moving the spares around.

It depends on Your auto assign option, and auto-assign policy if the disks will be automatically assigned, or not. Auto Copy Auto Assign Auto Assign Policy ------------- ------------- ------------ ------------- ------------------ c DOT_node1 on on on shelf c DOT_node2 on on on shelf 2 entries were displayed.

You can verify that with disk option show command: disk option show Node BKg. storage disk show -container-type unassigned Analyzing 24 matching entries...

In this entry I would like to show you how to build new aggregate, how to extend one, and how to manage your spare disks, and how to utilize your brand new disks.

Once the new shelf is connected to Your cluster new disks should be assigned to one node as spare disks.


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