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This is likely because we don’t have a similar practice in modern culture.

(After all, when was the last time you nailed criticisms of your church’s budget to the door of your pastor’s study? Mc Nutt describes how Luther’s famous act was surprisingly ordinary.

Though Luther claimed that his positions on indulgences accorded with those of the Pope, the Theses challenge a 14th-century papal bull stating that the pope could use the treasury of merit and the good deeds of past saints to forgive temporal punishment for sins.

The Theses are framed as propositions to be argued in debate rather than necessarily representing Luther's opinions, but Luther later clarified his views in the Explanations of the Disputation Concerning the Value of Indulgences.

Indulgences were increasingly taking the place of both contrition and confession in the penance process. Martin Luther, John Knox, John Calvin, Louis Berkhof, R. Sproul, John Stott, and more—Reformers past and present are well-represented in this historic bundle.

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Possession of an indulgence was becoming proof of a person’s willingness to be penitent, and absolution was being granted based on that evidence. Was one placing his or her faith in Christ, or in the indulgence? It’s only available until November 11, so don’t wait—get your Reformation Day Bundle while you still can!Luther sent the Theses enclosed with a letter to Albert of Brandenburg, Archbishop of Mainz, on 31 October 1517, a date now considered the start of the Reformation and commemorated annually as Reformation Day.Luther may have also posted the Theses on the door of All Saints' Church and other churches in Wittenberg, in accordance with University custom, on 31 October or in mid-November.Luther’s intention was to spark an academic debate over the current practice of indulgences in the church as was his right as professor of theology.Yet what transpired from 1517 on could in no way be predicted or anticipated. Ultimately, the point for Luther was that our assurances for saving grace come from Christ and not the pope. For Luther, it was better to give to the poor than to buy an indulgence, as thesis 45 declared, “He who sees a needy man and passes him by, yet gives his money for indulgences, does not buy papal indulgences but God’s wrath.” Similarly, Luther made it clear that it was better to care for one’s family than to waste money on indulgences. By the following year, on August 7, 1518, Luther received a summons by the pope to Rome, to [account] for his ideas and actions.What was really happening in the heart of the person? For Luther, the concern was pastoral: Were people putting their trust for forgiveness in a purchased document? is a list of propositions for an academic disputation written in 1517 by Martin Luther, professor of moral theology at the University of Wittenberg, Germany.They advance Luther's positions against what he saw as the abuse of the practice of clergy selling plenary indulgences, which were certificates believed to reduce the temporal punishment in purgatory for sins committed by the purchasers or their loved ones.In the Theses, Luther claimed that the repentance required by Christ in order for sins to be forgiven involves inner spiritual repentance rather than merely external sacramental confession.The Theses were quickly reprinted, translated, and distributed throughout Germany and Europe.They initiated a pamphlet war with the indulgence preacher Johann Tetzel, which spread Luther's fame even further.


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