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Radu Atanasiu teaches Critical Thinking for the Executive MBA program at the Maastricht School of Management Romania and for the undergraduate program at the Entrepreneurship Academy in Bucharest, and pursues his Ph D at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on the topic of managerial heuristics in organizational decision-making.

The focus in the lessons is on the concepts that are practically crucial and encountered almost on a daily basis.

One of the perks of this tutorial is that no prior experience is required to get started with the lessons.

With stellar ratings and glowing reviews, this certification is a crowd favorite.

Key USPs-– No prerequisite is required to sign up for this class.– With flexible deadlines, you have the liberty to set the routine as per your schedule.– Implement the skills covered in the videos in real life scenarios to understand how they work.– Attempt the quizzes at the end of each section to check your grasp on the topics covered under that part.– Complete all the graded assignments and assessments to earn the course completion badge.– Gain skills in cognitive bias, decision making, statistical inference, and cost-benefit analysis.

Some of the tools include blowing up the business, asking the 5 whys and 7 so whats, exploring the 80/20 rule and more.

Along with this, you will also learn how to propagate the idea throughout your team to work in synchronization.

Develop skills in information & digital literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication.

This Specialization is a high-level academic skills course designed to increase your level of academic preparedness prior to commencement of your studies in an English-medium university.

After completing this course, you will be able to: 1.

Use critical thinking and argumentation in university contexts to improve academic results 2.


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