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In other words, present-day minorities will surge to become the new majority.

It may affect your “island” because opioid addiction has become a national health crisis. Department of Health and Human Services has stopped just short of calling on employers to get involved in stemming the crisis. 1 priority: to improve access to treatment and recovery services, which employers are in a prime position to influence.

Between 21 and 29 percent of Americans who are prescribed opioids for pain end up misusing them, with more than 100 Americans dying every day from an overdose. Meanwhile, medical and recreational marijuana use is on the rise, especially as more states legalize its use.

Since they are just entering the workforce, it's too soon to accurately assess their habits and influence, though Forbes says they tend to be more competitive and independent than their older peers.

They also may be more entrepreneurial, which means there could be some potential proteges among their numbers.

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As a small-business owner, you probably have days in which your business feels like a remote island – far removed from the politics and management and organizational behavior topics that keep so many of your peers buzzing in organizational behavior articles and blogs. But then, just as a cruise ship seeks to drop anchor on a faraway island, something happens to remind you that you’re not as far removed from the headlines as you might think.

The number of workers who telecommuted at least half the time rose 115 percent between 20, and workers are searching more frequently for “work-from-home” arrangements.

Plenty of small-business owners have resisted this movement, fearing disorganization and a drop in productivity.

Enough management and organizational behavior research has taken place in the last 10 years to put these fears to rest.

In fact, the research shows that just the opposite holds true: workers given the opportunity to work remotely tend to be supremely organized and actually accomplish more – and work longer hours to meet their boss' objectives.


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