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The South Vietnamese were losing the war against Communism – giving Johnson all the more reason to enter the war, and allowing strong American forces to help stop communism.

There were other contributing factors leading up to the entrance of the war; America helped assist the French in the war, Johnson’s politics, the Tonkin Gulf Incident, and the 1954 Geneva Conference....

Media reporters had only been filming in isolated areas of combat that didn’t show the harsh fighting that was occurring elsewhere.

Public opinion of the Vietnam War was greatly affected after the Tet Offensive.

Lewis Sorley wrote in his book, A Better War, that the “fighting wasn’t over, but the war was won.” He states, “…the VC had virtually been exterminated and the NVA, which had endeavored to go big time with divisional sized units, had been drive across the border of Cambodia.” The war was winnable because of the experience of America 's military and the amount of provisions America had....

[tags: Vietnam War, United States, Vietnam] - Until the Tet Offensive media coverage of the Vietnam War was of mild and positive reports of the fighting.

The Vietnam War is often described as “a white man’s war, a black man’s fight,” and this is because of the disproportionate amount of African American soldiers compared to white soldiers.

Minorities were usually the least educated and would not be attending college or university, which was one wat to avoid being drafted....

As a matter of fact, the Vietnam War was several wars, but it was not until 1962 that America had their first combat mission, however, Americans were killed during ambushes by the Vietnamese before the first combat mission.

There is much controversy over the reasons for the Vietnam War, supported by the several different books and articles written about the war....


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