Personal And Impersonal Essay

They support polite, but perhaps not cordial, relations among people, as well as a respect for each person pursuing his own interests.These rules make possible the huge, complex nexus of marketplace interactions. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s in no way deceitful.

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They reinforce certain priorities, like putting family first, and they instill in us the idea of self-sacrifice and belonging to a group.

These rules take on practical meaning for us around the home, at the dinner table, or out with our friends.

They governed how our ancestors dealt with problems from coping with natural disasters and cataclysmic events to dividing up resources among people.

In primitive societies, for example, the amount of food or goods was fixed by what had been gotten in hunting and gathering, so distribution was based on fairness and equity.

When I say that we all live two lives, I’m talking about the two different spheres of relationships we cope with daily.

Just getting by in the modern world requires all of us to do it.

These rules both allow and facilitate impersonal interactions and exchanges so that they take place as effectively as possible.

In the absence of such rules, dealing with strangers would be more costly, causing us to rely more on ourselves and less on others, thereby losing all the benefits of interaction with other people.

Forming and maintaining these close relationships requires a set of implicit rules or cultural norms to govern our behavior.

These are rules about openness, equity, fairness, and love.


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