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First of all, your goal is to discover a networking place in your city where you will feel comfortable.

Successful networking depends on your personal attitude.

Your decision to become a professional essay writer means that you possess the necessary analytical thinking and great writing skills.

However, being a talented writer does not mean having a lot of customers ready to pay for your writing services.

You can start a blog (the content has to be unique and attractive) where you could demonstrate your excellent writing skills.

Anything that helps sell your services and draws people’s attention counts.Linked In provides users with opportunities to look for numerous job positions and lets you see how your colleagues build their career path.You also can find specialists who graduated from your university with the same degree many years ago and see how they applied their major and in which companies they worked.If you found a job in a professional writing company, all you need is to produce high-quality essays and get positive feedback from customers.If you chose a career path of a freelance essay writer, then your task is even more complicated.Therefore, to get your desired customers your website needs to show up on the first page.To achieve this goal one has to do keywords research and incorporate these keywords into a website. One of them is Google Ad Words – a tool that helps you analyze what kind of words and phrases Internet users type into the search button to find an essay writer.Every freelance essay writer has to know how to market his/her writing services to attract more people.Very few people really like this idea, but one of the best ways to market your services is in-person networking.If you are relaxed and feel like approaching new people and talk to them, then you can have a lot of fun.Do not forget to give people your business cards, be open-minded, and remember that you came to this networking event not only to make new connections that will bring you a better job but also to meet people who might need your help.


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