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Talk to your supervisor about the date of the final submission of your dissertation when planning your defense date.There should be 10-12 weeks between your dissertation submission and your defense date.Although some programs require a greater number of dissertation hours.

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When you are about to finish your Ph D visit the Faculty of Science checklist for all important information you need including a template for your dissertation title page and a fact sheet for the defense.

You may only carry the title of doctor (Ph D) after having received the Confirmation of Ph D Degree. The Office of Student Affairs will send you an invitation as well as further instructions.

Please talk to your supervisor if you will attend or not as she/he will be asked to give a short laudatio.

Members of the Ph D committee, the dissertation’s reviewers as well as teaching staff with the right to confer Ph Ds are permitted to take part in the examination at the disputation.

At least 3 examiners must be present at the defense and no fewer than 2 must possess the right to confer Ph Ds at the Faculty of Science (Promotionsrecht).


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