Phd Thesis Errata

You will receive the committees evaluation at least three weeks before the defence.

You will get information regarding how to order the printing of your thesis with the e-mail informing you that your thesis is approved by the evaluation committee along with instructions for how to print your thesis.

If you do not live in Tromsø the certificate will be sent to you by mail (to the address registered in Student Web).

It is your responsibility to inform us if you change your address before receiving your certificate.

If the errata list is approved after the printing of the thesis, the errata list can be added to the printed thesis at the day of the defence.

The application must include a complete overview of the errors (errata) which the candidate wishes to correct.

The application to arrange the defence outside university campus must comply with the Faculty's guidelines and be sent to [email protected]

It normally takes a couple of weeks before you receive your certificate.

Grounds are to be given for the composition of the committee and in particular grounds for any departures from the criteria.

The account is to show how the committee as a whole covers the field(s) dealt with in the thesis.


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