Poster Thesis Presentation

These are judged by School academics, with the best posters then presented at the annual Thesis Poster Reception.The top ten posters each year are displayed in the School’s meeting room, G3, for the duration of the next year.

Conferences and labs often have their own specifications for what goes on a poster (ex: Purrington says "no abstract" but some labs require them), so check with your PI for lab-specific requirements.

Please prepare the poster itself using Power Point or Corel (or whatever programs you can use), following the dimensions suggested in the "Poster Presentation Workshop" (unless your discipline/lab PI says otherwise).

Each year, the School is proud to host a thesis poster competition, to recognise the best thesis poster presentation by final year students.

At the conclusion of each session, students completing their thesis project demonstrate their work in a poster session.

Your thesis will be the culmination of your undergraduate work and a bridge to your future career or academic life.

Poster Thesis Presentation

Completion of the senior thesis is one of the hallmarks of a quality Honors education.

We'll either print these out (current cost is .00) so you can display them during the mid-April Psychology Undergraduate Poster Session OR we'll display them one at a time on the projection screen and you'll get to do a mini-presentation/defense.

You do not need to mount or laminate your poster (great idea for actual conferences, particularly lamination).

If you have any additional questions please contact Kim Andersen or Robin Bond.

Completing this Honors requirement provides you an opportunity to design a unique project that will challenge you to reflect upon your Honors education and to present your work to a group of faculty and your peers.


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