Pragmatism And Education Essay

One of the most important schools of philosophy of education is pragmatism.

Pragmatism stands between idealism and materialism a sort of compromise.

And for students who will be running museums, art history is important.

The point is that Sally will need to know her students and their lives in order to focus her lessons on what is most important. For example, Sally has to teach the scientific method to her students, but she can choose how to teach that.

It's the difference in learning ideas versus learning through practice.

Experiential learning is all about practice and figuring out how to discover knowledge through experience.

Instead, they believe that Sally should engage the children in learning through experience.

So, instead of just teaching the ideas behind the scientific method, Sally can have students do their own experiments.

She can stand at the front of the room and list the steps on the board and explain each one, or she can give the students worksheets and have them memorize the steps, then give them a test on it.

In this way, Sally is focusing in on the ideas behind the scientific method.


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