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A crucial and highly important field of statistics is probability.

We consider the population all youngsters (age 18-22) in The Netherlands and the events F = “the youngster has a Facebook account” and T = “the youngster has a Twitter account”.

The following information is the result of an extensive survey: 70% of all youngsters have a Facebook account, 40% has a Twitter account and 20% has both.

Conditional probabilities are contingent on a previous result and data.

For example, suppose you are drawing three marbles - red, blue and green - from a bag. What is the conditional probability of drawing the red marble after already drawing the blue one?

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( ) ( | ) ( | ) Then ( ) is the probability of a nonstudent Then ( ) See the tree diagram below Or use the Venn diagram ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( | ) ( ) ( | ) g.

( | ) ( ) ( ) Due to the fact that students use smartphones more often, the proportion of students amongst the smartphone users is larger than the proportion of students in the population.

Through logics that are prescribed in the study of this subject, one can conduct various researches and make an in depth examination of various theories.

This subject is an integral part of various mathematical courses that are taught in a university.


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