Problem Solving Activities For High School Students

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Third, students need to look for possible solutions to the problem.They may try creating tables or guesstimating a solution.Sometimes they may prefer to test their proposed solutions in a simulation, by using manipulatives to recreate the problem and solution.

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Then the teams would model their solution to the class.

They will, in all likelihood, find different paths to their solutions.

As a teacher, you may need to provide positive reinforcement or determine what other scaffolding strategies to put into place to help the student.

You may want to work with your guidance counselor, or other content teachers depending on the nature of the psychological barrier. The actual cost of developing or testing the solution may be cost prohibitive.

Guesstimating is using trial and error to devise a solution.

They may need to be more visual and create a mind-map.Their evaluation may lead them to revise their solutions, which is a normal part of the problem-solving process.In the math classroom, word problems usually present the most straightforward opportunity for students to engage in problem-solving strategies.For example, if the problem relates to rules regarding student parking at a school, students would need to research the existing rules and the rationale behind them.Then they could move forward with the problem-solving process.Students' problem-solving skills are influenced by everything they bring physically, mentally, and socio-economically to the table.As an educator, you want to recognize those factors so you can appropriately support students in the problem-solving process.In this lesson, we will look at strategies for teaching middle school students how to apply problem-solving in a variety of content areas.As part of this, we will also discuss scaffolding students who may struggle to apply problem-solving in your content area.The first step is for students to understand the problem itself.Depending on the nature of the problem, this could require additional research.


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