Problem Solving And Programming Concepts

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An algorithm (see Algorithm) is a set of specific steps to solve a problem.Think of it this way: if you were to tell your 3 year old neice to play your favorite song on the piano (assuming the neice has never played a piano), you would have to tell her where the piano was, and how to sit on the bench, and how to open the cover, and which keys to press, and which order to press them in, etc, etc, etc.

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In this paper, we will discuss the use of problem-solving in Computer Science, the effectiveness of using problem-solving tutors to learn programming concepts, and the pedagogical relationship between solving problems and learning to write programs.

We will also present the design and results from the evaluation of one of our tutors.

Brute force is a technique for solving problems that relies on a computers speed (how fast it can repeat steps) to solve a problem.

We have been developing tutors to help students learn programming concepts by solving problems.

To find the average, you must: Computer scientists like to use the fancy word "Encapsulation" to show how smart we are.

Problem Solving And Programming Concepts

This is just a term for things we do as humans every day.Including, getting up, walking down the hall, getting in your car, driving to a coffee stand, paying for the coffee, etc, etc, etc. In a computer program, as simple an idea as drawing a square on the screen involves hundreds (if not thousands) of (low level) computer instructions.Further, the idea of what a cup of coffee is, is abstract. Again, a person couldn't possible create interesting programs if every time they wanted to do something, they had to re-write (correctly) every one of those instructions.Further, there are "good ways" and "bad ways" to encode information.Good ways allow the computer to easily "compute" new information. ACT Mathematics score of 22 or higher, or SAT Mathematics score of 520 or higher, or completion or current enrollment in MTH 104 or MTH 123 or MTH 125 or MTH 151 or MTH 249 or MTH 251 Computer software plays an important role in our daily lives: Our mobile phones, laptop computers, online banking, Internet applications such as You Tube, video games and movies, cars, and almost all aspects of daily life are touched by software.These concepts are applied to create computer games and web applications.By "ecapsulating" what is meant by "draw square" and "reusing" this operation over and over again, we make programming tractable.The idea behind encapsulation is to store the information necessary to a particular idea in a set of variables associated with a single "object".For example, if your professor needs a cup of coffee, and asks you the single item: "Get me a cup of coffee", he has used both encapsulation and abstraction. All of this information is TOO MUCH and we would quickly be unable to funciton if we had to remember all of these details.The number of steps required to actually get the coffee are enumerable. Thus we "abstract away" the details and only remember the few important items. Complexity hiding is the idea that most of the times details don't matter.


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