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The more you problem solve, the better you will get too.To be an awesome problem solver, first we need to start with the right attitude.With the right mindset, problem solving is not that difficult, and is quite fun.

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Also a discussion on the process and theory behind powerful problem solving and creative thinking. A lot of people underestimate just how good they are at problem solving.

When you are problem solving you are doing one of two things. Many don't realise just how much problem solving they actually do.

Panic is the initial reaction to many when faced with a problem.

The seasoned problem solver however is calm and relaxed in the face of problems as they know that solutions always exist and with the right approach (outlined below) they will triumph. If you find yourself looking into the steely cold eyes of one or more of these I don't like your chances.

Either you are fixing something that is broken, or you are building something. Problems are all around us and we solve them all the time, be it something as simple as deciding whether to put that extra blanket on the bed tonight, or something a little more difficult like constructing a plane out of old junk you've found in the garage.

If you are building something, it could be a completely new something, or it could be an improved something. Wherever you are at, you can improve your problem solving skills.

Through body language alone, your employees must communicate effectively and line up according to their numbers.

Learn creative problem solving skills and techniques.

Often, things which you don't suspect have anything to do with what you are looking at actually do.

Look for: These are often good starting places to find clues.


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