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Process Essay Lesson-82
Since your students are new to essays, it’s best to stick to the basic three paragraphs of explanation.

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In the learning process pain is often necessary when it helps people to build strong personalities.

In "Discovery," Liann Sumner realized she took everything in her environment for granted without realizing how effective they are until she visited her home country, India.

Here are seven steps for teaching essay writing to ESL students.

Before you get into teaching essay writing, make sure your students have a firm grasp of sentence building fundamentals.

The last way to teach new truths can be done by experiencing pain with or without knowing at the time of an event.

One can be taught lessons from shameful situation s/he was in, and it can strength his/her personality and encourage him/her to help someone who is in need.

Have them brainstorm some ideas and draft a rough outline.

This is the section of the essay where the writer needs to get the reader’s attention, and then briefly explain what they will be arguing for.

Once you’re confident your students are ready to move on to an essay it’s time for them to choose their topics.

“An interesting topic is the best way of helping the student maintain their interest throughout the writing process.


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