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In court, Churchill argued that many of his conclusions about the smallpox epidemic near Fort Clark are “common knowledge” and that numerous sources support his assertions.

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In court, Churchill said he wrote an initial article for a “movement newspaper” that was mistaken but that he followed up several years later with a “scholarly article” that was accurate.

“The major essay corrected all those problems,” Churchill testified.

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Professor Churchill Essay

While common place today, this is something most people would view as unheard of thirteen years ago but it was possible.“Why not put your name on all of them as co-author? In court, Churchill acknowledged that Cohen’s essay was plagiarized but said it was not done by him.Instead, he said, he merely copy edited the essay for inclusion in a book being put together by his then- wife, M.Misrepresentation of sources in a claim that Captain John Smith intentionally spread smallpox in New England: The committee found that Churchill “fabricated” the claim because his cited sources do not support his assertion.In court, Churchill argued that numerous sources support him and that the footnotes he used were not meant to imply that his original source material confirmed all the details of his conclusions.“I’m trying to provide people with places they can look to get additional information, not to try to confirm every single thing I said, although usually they can confirm some if not all,” Churchill testified.Falsification and fabrication of assertions that the U. Army deliberately infected Indians with smallpox at Fort Clark in 1837: The committee found that Churchill engaged in a “pattern of deliberate academic misconduct” by misrepresenting published sources.“In some of these instances, we’re dealing with a single sentence.” Plagiarism of a pamphlet by the group Dam the Dams: The committee found that Churchill lifted language from a 1972 pamphlet called “The Water Plot” and used it in his later writings, action it found was “not accidental, but deliberate.” In court, Churchill said that he took the pamphlet and other materials, updated it and submitted it to a magazine with detailed information on all of those who contributed to it.He blamed the magazine for changing the credit line on the piece.A juror’s question, posed Tuesday after former professor Ward Churchill had been on the witness stand for more than seven hours, gave him the opening to argue — succinctly — that he was the victim of his controversial views, not his scholarship.The question, read by Denver District Judge Larry J.


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