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The largest number of them was found in the United States. The US can rightly be called the leader by the number of famous serial killers.Such names as Theodore Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy are known all over the world. "Cult of maniacs" is particularly thriving in the US where bags, T-shirts and even watches with images of "stellar" murders are sold.If you’re going to write a serial killer essay, this article will be extremely useful.

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An example of a thesis statement for a serial killer essay: “Serial crimes are more often committed by people with a high IQ level”.

The study of serial killers has always interested psychologists, psychiatrists, criminologists and ordinary people.

After all, it seems particularly interesting that persons who seem absolutely normal can commit a cruel, outwardly unsubstantiated murder.

This charming young man has become one of the most famous criminals in the history of mankind largely due to his external attractiveness, intelligence, charm, the ability to create an image of supportive and educated person.

A classic disorganized antisocial murder is Richard Chase, a schizophrenic nicknamed "The Vampire of Sacramento".


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