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The first question you should ask yourself, your peers, colleagues, and mentors who know your work well is "how do I and can I advance my career?

From your bullet points, develop an outline and first draft of your manuscript.

Locate and become familiar with the author guidelines of your proposed journal.

Do not submit the same submission to different journals at the same time.

The University of Michigan Library Copyright Office provides help with copyright questions for University of Michigan faculty, staff and students.

You are establishing that you have explored all the relevant literature in your area, that you have considered all appropriate methodologies, and that you fully understand your field.

While this material was important for your dissertation, much of the material is now irrelevant in a journal article.Norms around publishing dissertation material vary from one field to another.For instance, in some scientific fields, it is common to publish individual chapters from the dissertation before it is submitted.Can you use material that you've coauthored in your dissertation or thesis?For questions about the norms in your field, talk with your advisors.Each bullet point should be concise and include only the information necessary for readers of that journal.Remember that the average review readers of your proposed journal will be well versed in many of the areas you covered in your dissertation and will not need the extraneous details that were necessary in your dissertation.Is the theoretical or conceptual framework of the journal aligned with your proposed article?Does the journal have a long or short turnaround time for publications? Create a bullet point list of the facts, findings, methods, and details of the manuscript.Draft a letter of submission and of any needed permissions. Prior to your submission, request that a few peers give you their input on the manuscript.Recognize that submissions to journals are rarely accepted on the first attempt. As you examine the reviewers’ comments, if any are contradictory, consider contacting the editor for feedback. If your submission is rejected, submit it as soon as possible to one of the other journals on your list.


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