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I could not provide you with some examples but feel free to google it.

I could not provide you with some examples but feel free to google it.and also check out some essay writing tips like this or this The opening words of an essay should immediately enmesh the reader in your wiles.

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It is not always necessary to use them around words for emphasis.

Always check to ensure that you are using the correct style for your discipline.

I'm sure great essays can be started with quotations, because there are so many great quotes to be found, and I hope someone will present examples.

But you often have more freedom of expression and can get to the point more quickly without one.

The distinction between paraphrase, summary, and analysis is central to academic writing, especially for assignments that require critical responses to sources.

Paraphrase, summary, and analysis are important for accomplishing different jobs in the essay: The following examples illustrating the distinction between quotation, paraphrase, summary, and analysis are based on a well-known nursery rhyme: “Jack and Jill ran up the hill to fetch a pail of water.The following descriptions will help you with quotation marks in your academic writing. In scientific writing, this is important because it can distinguish a quotation mark from a prime mark, which is used often in genetics and other physical-science disciplines.According to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), quotation marks that are often called “curly” or “smart” quotes, are used in most published text and are meant to match its typeface.Purpose-written paragraphs have broader latitude to do so than have found quotations.To start with a quote is not wrong, but you may do better, as onomatomaniak suggested, to "think of an engaging first sentence that makes the reader think you have something interesting to say." Aside from limiting range of expression, starting with a quote requires attribution (crediting the source of the quote) which may cause the reader to look aside, to a footnote or a bibliography, during that important first moment with your essay.Although they can be direct quotes, quotation marks are not used; special typefaces and formats are used instead to call attention to them.Don’t overuse quotation marks—whatever style guide you use, it’s important that they be used correctly but sparingly.There are “run-in quotes,” and quotes that are separated by block text.There are quotes within other quotes and different punctuation styles depending on the subject matter, style guide used, and even the country.It can lead the audience to expect something derivative so you really have to work to demonstrate why your ideas are either supported by the quote or can refute it - depending on your aims.You may also use quotes to carefully point out the main idea of essay/report for the reader or to make a good right from the beginning to make your essay interesting and relevant.


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