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Fix an Overarching Idea in the Mind of the Reader There are times when it is an excellent idea to step back, think about your topic for a moment, and tell the reader what it all really boils down to.

In other words, you tell the reader why you have taken the time to express your views on the topic.

If the topic concerns education, for example, you might want the reader to know that humans are creatures that demand to know the world around them; therefore, people demand education systems that are effective.

Perhaps the topic concerns international trade, and you have talked about why individuals and society need a wide variety of goods and services: This, of course, is our little-big strategy.

Finally, say that their views are not strong enough to dismantle (to destroy) your case (your point of view).

Beginning sentences might look like these: Admittedly, some people disagree with these arguments.Writing Concluding Paragraphs There are four principal approaches: a strong-point summary; a major concession; fixing an overarching idea in the mind of the reader; and a call to action.A Strong-point Summary This is the easiest way to write a concluding paragraph.That’s right; just look up at what you wrote, and put the ideas differently.After that, write a short sentence to emphasize the importance of both ideas (your topic sentences). It could be something like this: When these ideas are put into action / put into place / acknowledged / accepted as precepts, positive results should take place.The purpose of this approach, a strong-point summary, is twofold. Second, it tells the examiner that you understand how to use three conventions in concluding paragraphs: (1) the phrases In conclusion, or In summary, or To sum up; (2) to paraphrase particular ideas so that people can remember them; and (3) to emphasize the importance of the ideas working together.A Major Concession When you write a thesis-led essay (answer the question To what extent do you agree or disagree?The IELTS exam does not allow for that possibility; the scope of the paper is limited.You can, however, write two sentences that express two major opposing views.After one of these or a similar idea starts the paragraph, state clearly and succinctly (without wasting words) what the opposing views usually are or could be.After doing that, tell the reader that these counterarguments are not strong enough to successfully refute the arguments in your essay.


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