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In 1619, when the first slaves arrived at the US coast, America's racial problem was born.

In 1619, when the first slaves arrived at the US coast, America's racial problem was born.

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But again, until we could explain this truth that all humans are equally good there was the danger of unfair and destructive racist, ageist and sexist prejudice and discrimination against the more upset, and also retaliatory prejudice by the more upset towards the less upset for their either direct or implied condemnation of them.

The Holocaust where , are two horrific instances of the endless horrific-beyond-description examples in history of the effects of prejudice.

The job opportunities for whites simply did not exist for the black community.

As a college educated black woman, Anne Moody's only real career option was to become a teacher in a black school where she would be subject to the will and control of the Uncle Toms in charge.

With the upset state of the human condition now at last explained and defended in we can see how unjustly condemning and dangerous this prejudice against upset has been because what is revealed is that while humans do vary in their degree of upset as a result of humanity’s heroic battle to find self-knowledge, .

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Upset is not a bad, evil state, but a good, heroic one.In fact, the human race has always believed that one day it would find this redeeming understanding of ourselves, but the tragic reality was that until we found that relieving insight we had no choice but to block out and deny any condemning truth about ourselves; metaphorically, we is that the more and/​or longer an individual human, or even a ‘race’ (ethnic group) of humans, was exposed to the great battle that humanity has been heroically waging against ignorance, the more they would suffer from the upset state of the angry, egocentric and alienated human condition.The particular reason this truth has been unbearably condemning while we couldn’t explain, understand and heal our upset behaviour is that it left those more upset feeling, and even portrayed as, less worthwhile and inferior to those who weren’t as upset.Others based their assumptions on travelogues, in which black people were described as uncivilized and almost not human.Hume maintained that they had "[n]o ingenious manufacturers amongst them, no arts, no sciences" (Hume 33) - a statement which, as we know today, is simply not true1[1].The Enlightenment's view of race is strongly dominated by the arrogance that the Western world and especially America had always shown towards other cultures.To them difference was just another word for inferiority.During the last one and a half centuries both, black and white intellectuals came up with a great number of different approaches to this problem.In this paper I will deal with some of the most influential and controversial narratives of race and finally present my personal thoughts on Of course the forefathers of the modern scientists had severe problems with their argumentation since they could never empirically proof this theory. Kant wrote plainly: "this fellow was quite black from head to foot, a clear proof that what he said was stupid" (57).For uneducated blacks, a primary opportunity for self-sufficiency should have been agriculture.It was extremely difficult, however, for blacks to acquire land that was suitable for farming, and when they did, government regulation often kept them from growing as much as white farmers in the counties.


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