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In an attic, one member of the pair should be low on the roof and the other member should be higher up, so that outside air is pulled through one and out the other.Natural attic ventilation through these vents is usually sufficient.

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Energy conservation is the practice of reducing the use of energy.

Individual consumers can do numerous things to conserve energy and reduce home energy costs.

You can think of unconditioned space as outdoor space, minus the rain and snow.

The unconditioned space surrounding the living area shouldn’t be wide open, but it shouldn't be sealed shut either.

Penalty may be levied and legal actions initiated against power pil­ferage.

Privatisation is another suggestion which can obtain desired results and improve the genera­tion, transmission and distribution in the power sector. Hence, there is a need for serious thinking to im­prove this sector by inducting new technology, at­tracting more investment, developing non-conven­tional sources and inculcating habits for saving and conservation.When driving is necessary, you should try to drive lighter, more conservatively, and in a fuel-efficient vehicle.It's no surprise that energy costs money, yet some people greet their bills each month with a shock when they see precisely how much their power consumption is costing them. Anything you can do to conserve energy puts some of that money back in your pocket is a step in the right direction.Powered vents in the attic may interfere with proper furnace and fireplace venting.Some ways to ventilate an attic naturally: Modern homes often incorporate all three types of attic vents, providing continuous cross-ventilation via multiple air pathways.Another aspect of energy conservation is related to the reduction in consump­tion of energy.This can be achieved by change in the individual habits, utilising latest technology, reduce the subsidy and increase the price of the energy.Energy conservation is a very important part of energy planning and its management.It not only saves energy resources for future, avoids wasteful utilisation of energy, provides solution to energy crisis and ensures higher per capita availability/ consumption but controls environmental degrada­tion and pollution.New strategy emphasies greater reliance on non-exhaustible and non-conventional sources of energy so as to conserve exhaustible conventional resources like coal, petroleum, natural gas etc.That is why efforts are being made to promote the development and use of non-conven­tional sources of energy.


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