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For instance, the Post Standard in Syracuse, New York, carries its local publication, called "Neighbors," on Thursdays.

This local section is inserted into the appropriate daily papers and distributed to the various suburbs of Syracuse, instead of to the paper's entire coverage area.

When it comes to working with the publication, you'll have a different sales representative from each newspaper who will not only quote you prices and deadlines but will also help you design your ad.

When it comes to price, daily papers are the costliest of your choices and are best handled with annual contracts, since these publications make committing to one ad at a time cost prohibitive--rates plunge dramatically even for the smallest contract, compared to the one-time rate.

When you look at a paper, you'll see it's divided into columns.

Your newspaper ads are sized according to a very set formula: a certain number of columns wide and a certain number of inches long.

As our industry’s environment continues to grow and evolve, News Media Alliance members are at the forefront of the newest insights and strategies to grow audience and revenue.

Through the sharing of best practices, key research reports, applicable case studies and sales techniques, we provide you with valuable tools to help grow audience, generate revenue and streamline business operations.

If you find dailies to be too expensive, you can save money by only running your ads in the local sections the dailies all provide to their subscribers.

These are tabloid-like sections that usually run just one day a week and carry news pertaining to small geographic areas or neighborhoods.


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