Research Paper On Employee Retention

Research Paper On Employee Retention-61
This study gains significance because of employee retention techniques can be approached from various angles.

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There are many ways a company suffers because of employees.

The paper presents potential reasons that may compel an employee to leave a job and also the strategies that can help organisation retain its top performers.

The sample includes randomly selected employees from different companies located in Delhi/NCR.

The study concluded that almost all the employees felt that the company is not doing enough to retain them and they have plans to change the job if it continues.

Addressing these issues demands a specialized approach in developing retention strategies, or the reality is the academic libraries may begin losing talented employees to non-library employers who can offer higher-paying jobs with better working conditions.

To study the opinion of the employee about the various aspect of the company.😔 Even the best leaders can have a hard time keeping top talent, but that doesn’t mean you should give up!Being mindful of the core issues that drive turnover goes a long way in improving retention.😱 This level of voluntary turnover speaks to the magnitude of the retention issue that many organizations face.People leave their jobs for different reasons, and the better grasp you and your team have on those reasons, the better you’ll be able to keep great employees longer.Our friends at Bamboo HR surveyed over 1,000 currently employed Americans and found that nearly a third of them have left a job before crossing the half-year mark.Why are so many recently hired employees jumping ship? Because these factors are within your organization’s control!This research paper aims to review the findings of research papers of various authors to chalk out the factors that affect employee retention at workplace.This study examines ten critical factors that affect employee retention.To study about how the organization takes interest &develop approaches towards the retaining employee.There is no significant association between educational qualification of the respondents and their overall retention techniques.


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