Research Paper On Visible Light Communication

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The data transmission speeds of VLC systems are shown to be rapidly improving, with a frequency-modulated white LED being shown by Siemens researchers and the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin to be capable of transmitting information over 5 meters at a rate of 500 Mbps, significantly faster than present Wi-Fi technologies (that can operate at rates of up to 150 Mbps).

If it is developed correctly, the possibility exists that many of the problems associated with present day infrared, radiowave and microwave communications systems () could be at least partially resolved, and a more biologically friendly system made available to industries and the general public.

A further advantage is that VLC systems can transmit data more securely over short distances than radiofrequency/microwave communications devices whose signals can be easily detected outside the rooms and buildings they originate in.

For published articles see News VLC systems are presently being developed by scientists seeking to create ultra high-speed, high security, biologically friendly communications networks that allow the creation and expansion of seamless computing applications using very large bandwidth high-frequency pulsed light instead of radiowaves and microwaves.

Such systems use modulated light wavelengths emitted (and received) by a variety of suitably adapted standard sources, such as indoor and outdoor lighting, displays, illuminated signs, televisions, computer screens, digital cameras and digital cameras on mobile phones for communication purposes, primarily through the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).


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