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For example, a presentation at a conference normally aims to present recent advances, whereas a presentation at a Ph. Focus on identifying the content you will present: do not write down the full sentences you will actually say.

Whereas papers can be read in any order and at the reader's own pace, presentations impose both the sequence and the rhythm of content on their audience.

Papers can be forwarded in unpredictable ways and may be read many years from now, so they should be lasting and largely self-contained. students (in other fields) of one student's line of research.

In contrast, presentations can have more specific purposes. To structure your presentation, you can print the form shown here and write your ideas for each component in the spaces provided.

To make your body's structure easy to remember, for both you as a speaker and your audience, think of it as a tree (or hierarchy) rather than a chain.

Identify two, three, four, or a maximum of five statements you can make to support your main message: These are your main points.For example, when reporting on materials and methods, include only those details you think will help convince the audience of your main message — usually little, and sometimes nothing at all.All three speakers (John, Marie, and Jean-luc) closed their presentations with a review, a conclusion, and a close.Unless they are recorded or broadcast, presentations have a more clearly defined audience than papers: They address "the people in the room," here and now.The audience might still be diverse, but less so than for papers.They are therefore harder to follow and should be much more selective in what they contain.The idea is not to say out loud everything that is already written in the proceedings paper or dissertation.In its intent and structure, the opening of an oral presentation is similar to the Introduction of a scientific paper, which provides the context, need, task, and object of the document, with three main differences: Marie structured her presentation around three main points and, for each, she included either two or three subpoints.At the end of her opening, she previews her main points only (because the audience cannot assimilate more than one level at a time); then, as she starts each main point, she previews the corresponding subpoints.First, review the main points in your body to help the audience remember them and to prepare the audience for your conclusion.Next, conclude by restating your main message (in more detail now that the audience has heard the body) and complementing it with any other interpretations of your findings.


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