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In an article published in the Maroon Tiger at Morehouse University King stated that education served both utilitarian and moral functions and combined intelligence with character.

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In other words, you are supposed to write in a formal way and assume some level of knowledge on the part of the reader.

If, by "preliminary theses," you mean those that you will try to prove or disprove in the paper, then...

By way of education man could overcome the influence of half-truths and propaganda, “Education must enable a man to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of his life…[and to] train one for…effective thinking”.

An author's vision of the purpose of education is just as relevant today as when he first penned the words.

The most important decision which must be made before beginning a research work is what you want to explore.

That sounds a bit simplistic, but it's more difficult than it sounds.

Education majors are often required to write research papers on the purpose of education.

There are many theories and theorists that cover this topic.

Choosing a subject (let's say "the history of theatre") as well as a point of view or perspective (how the theatre has shaped or been shaped by society, for example) is the key to effective research.

Sometimes a researcher begins down one path and ends up on an entirely different journey; that is fine unless the commitment to the original concept is unchangeable.


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