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“This is the most compelling paper I’ve encountered in 2018.

By demonstrating the dominant role of dynastic effects in the transmission of resources across generations as the fundamental source of wealth concentration, it undercuts a host of explanations for wealth inequality that implicate personal decisions and judgments.”Institutions of authors: University of Colorado, Boulder; and University of Sydney Main finding: Exposure to lead negatively impacts kids for the rest of their lives.

Just like films and albums, economics deserves a little year-end reflection.

To identify the economics research that mattered most in 2018, Quartz decided to call in some help.

Nominating economist: David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Specialization: Globalization and labor markets Why?

(no explanation given)Institutions of authors: University of California, Berkeley; and University of Southern California Main finding: The police are less lenient with kids in areas with a larger share of minorities.

A field experiment finds that the BTB policy increased, rather than decreased, racial disparities in job applicant call-backs.”)Institution of authors: University of California, Los Angeles Main finding: Growing up in an affluent neighborhood leads to better economic outcomes as an adult.

Nominating economist: James Heckman, University of Chicago, winner of the 2000 Nobel prize in economics Specialization: Econometrics and education Why?

This should be required reading for all policymakers.”Institutions of authors: Rutgers University and University of Michigan Main finding: Restricting employers from asking about their criminal history can lead to more discrimination based on race.

Nominating economist: Claudia Goldin, Harvard University Specialization: Economic history and labor economics Why?


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