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Research Papers On Marion Barry-82
“The people of Ward 8, and some people in other wards, felt that Marion Barry got a raw deal, even though he did tremendous wrongs and embarrassed the city,” says Ronald Walters, professor of political science at Howard University. By raising their fallen mayor, Washington's dispossessed raised themselves.

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Knowing that he couldn't win the 1990 mayoral race, Barry re-registered as an independent and ran for an at-large council seat during the interval between his conviction and sentencing.

Lacking organization, money, credibility, and social standing, Barry finished a distant third citywide, but first in Wards 7 and 8.

“There were a lot of people who were sympathetic to the kind of plight he found himself in.” Ward 8 responded to Barry's troubles because of its own.

By every measure of social chaos, it is Washington's poorest, most troubled ward. Its percentage of families in poverty and its unemployment rate are highest.

“Ward 8 is a ward for which the rhetoric of redemption is the life of the ward. The language of Barry's return is religious, and it's no accident.

You get people whose lives are completely caught up in the criminal justice system,” says Barry Passett, president until 1991 of the ward's Greater Southeast Community Hospital. There are all the men who had been through the process and all the women who had watched the men go through the process..he came out of it saying he had been through it and could serve them better. ” Smith concurs with Passett, adding that the fallen Barry sought out a sympathetic audience. Since the fall, Barry has advertised his professions of faith and has convinced admirers of his spiritual rebirth. Willie Wilson, a prominent Ward 8 minister, has accorded the reborn Barry a new name: Anwar Amal, “Bright Hope” in Arabic.

And, hard as it is for many to believe—or to stomach—he has brought with him the creativity, organizational skill, and cunning that made him the District's most effective, most beloved, and most reviled leader for 20 years. They rolled the stone in front of his tomb; the city elected a political neophyte as its mayor and tried to expunge Barry from District history.

But those who buried him forgot that the Marion Barry who smoked crack in the Vista also was the alpha and omega of District politics, its creator and its unchallenged master.

His organizing is winning them political clout; their political clout is winning him citywide power.

With tactics honed by 30 years of populism, Barry is leading Ward 8 out of a forgotten wilderness, and his constituents adore him for it.


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