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An example of a hardware brain is Robokoneko the robocat from Genobyte. Robot helicopter research began at the University of Southern California in 1991 with the formation of the Autonomous Flying Vehicle Project and continues to the present day.

The first robot built was the AFV (Autonomous Flying Vehicle).

Artificial Intelligence Human Behavior and Emotion Two of the many research projects of the MIT Artificial Intelligence department include an artificial humanoid called Cog, and his baby brother, Kismet.

What the researchers learn while putting the robots together will be shared to speed up development.

Without a brain capable of processing input, a robot cannot react to its environment. Most robots at present have software brains, meaning a computer with a program running.

These robots are connected to or equipped with a computer. A brain made out of hardware, or a number of processors will be closer to reality.The ``R'' in AVATAR changed to reflect a change in robot capabilities.Without question, the fish is the best swimmer in the world.That is why the Ship Research Institute of Japan decided to build the Fish Robot. Engines are applied to move arm, turn wheels or move other parts, for instance camera's. In that particular case engines prove to be a weak part, a jumping robot is a mayor challenge to engine parts.This project hopes to apply what is learned while building and researching with the Fish Robot to the design and construction of ships. Human being use muscle, which contract and expand, to move around. Nitinol, an alloy that consist of the metals nickel and titanium will shrink if an electric current travels through the alloy, it will only contract 8% maximum.Cog is 2 meters tall, complete with arms, hands and all three senses--including touch-sensitive skin.Its makers will eventually try to use the same sort of social interaction as Kismet to help Cog develop intelligence equivalent to that of a two-year-old child.A muscle receive a signal form the brain and contracts. The downside, nitinol is very expensive en the contraction is too little to allow it to be used to make walking robots.For the time being walking robots will not use muscles or engines but pneumatic of hydrolic technologies.The AVATAR (Autonomous Vehicle Aerial Tracking And Retrieval), was created in 1994.The current robot, the second generation AVATAR (Autonomous Vehicle Aerial Tracking And Reconnaissance), was developed in 1997.


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