Resident Evil 4 Assignment Ada Walkthrough

At the end of the doorway you’ll face off against the El Gigante.

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After ringing the church bell, saving Luis Sera and traversing through the castle, it’s time to save Leon…again.

This time he’s facing off against the formidable, drug enhanced Jack Krauser.

Follow the path down to the house where the Chief is and gather up some supplies and the lift access key, but not before first taking out a chainsaw wielding villager.

Take out the rest of the villagers who block your path and then use the lift key to turn the lift on and head back up where you’ll have to face off against an El Gigante.

Ada will eventually get captured and taken to the sacrificial cave near the cargo lift.

You’ll have to find your way back to the house where Leon and Luis have to defend it against the horde of angry villagers.

This is a difficult area to get through mainly because of the tanker at the end of the chapter.

Head through the tunnel segments and remember to keep an eye out for treasures.

Keeping up high helps a lot in being able to pick off some of the cultists as they traverse the maze. You’ll need to find the hourglass to place inside of the treasure box located in the cage with the Garrador.

This can be found in the treasure room outside along the castle walls where the Broken Butterfly is originally located in Leon’s game.


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