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It's critical that you determine what you want to sell and who makes up your target audience. Identifying how your business helps your target market is arguably the most important aspect of opening any business.

It's important to create a retail store that satisfies a need of your customers. Lassow said being lost in the crowd is a common risk associated with opening a retail location. Does your team need people specifically for social media marketing? Marketing and business funding are both important considerations that should be addressed in your business plan.

The name doesn't determine the success of your business, so it shouldn't be the focus when opening a retail store, but you do want to at least put some thought into naming your business entity.

Covering your legal basics includes choosing a business structure, following any regulations and obtaining the right licenses and permits.

The retail real estate business is very psychological, and the price [of real estate] is usually one of the last considerations for most retailers." Picking out a prime retail space for your business needs to be a focal point.

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While it can be tempting to try to pick a cheap location and hope your business generates a steady flow of customers through its marketing efforts, sometimes, there's no substitute for being in a busy part of town.

It's also important to check that the name isn't already trademarked or taken.

You can start with a quick Google search for the name before taking a deeper look at state databases of unavailable business names.

Picking a location downtown might be pricier than an option a few miles away from town, but the pricier option might bring in thousands more customers per year.

When determining a location, find where your customers spend their time.


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