Rutgers University Diversity Essay

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For example, I would learn key concepts regarding offering therapeutic services.

For example, I would learn key concepts regarding offering therapeutic services.Furthermore, I will enhance my practical skills whereby I am in a better position to help a friend who has suffered an injury during a sports event.

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Admissions is somewhat competitive as the Rutgers - Newark acceptance rate is 64%.

Popular majors include Accounting, Psychology, and Criminal Justice and Safety Studies.

My main goal has always been to acquire better education and to apply it in the practical world.

Therefore, I believe that Rutgers University will help me to achieve this particular goal.

It required me to seek services of a competent physical therapist.

I sought the services of Chinese physical therapist who was well acquainted with my condition.

Primarily, people treat an individual according to the type of educational institution he/she attends.

Hence, it is important for me to enroll at the Rutgers University.

I was greatly influenced and had personal interest in his therapeutic work.

I realized that this line of work gave him great joy of knowing that he had made the life of a sportsperson better.


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