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Sadie who is happy with her choices and lifestyle is ridiculed by society and is shunned by her own family.The story of Sadie and Maud demonstrate the impossible standards that are set forth for women.

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In the Poem it states that, Sadie scraped life With a fine toothed comb. But at the end of the poem it is determined that, Maud, who went to college, Is a thin brown mouse. Socially constructed ideals pretty much state that if a women goes to college and gets an education, listens to her parents, and stays within the imaginary moral box she is very likely to be happy in the future.

Maud conformed to society and was left to live alone in a house while her sister Sadie who is a rebel ends up happy with two daughters.

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She is living all alone In this old house The poem Sadie and Maud by the phenomenal poet Gwendolyn Brooks was written in the forties when ideals and expectations for women were more enforced and precedent to follow.

The journey of life overflows with grand moments intermingled with inevitable sorrow. In Maud; A Monodrama, Alfred Lord Tennyson explores the journey of a man in the universal search for the perfect Garden of Eden.

Originally titled Maud or Madness, he described the “little Hamlet” as the history of a morbid poetic soul” who is “the heir of madness, an egotist with the makings of a cynic” (Hill 214)....("Native") Maud Martha Brown had strong ideas regarding marriage.She set out to conquer the role as wife, in spite of and because of her insecurities and personal hardships.She is influencing her culture to rise above the false roles that biological essentialism has given to women and to achieve happiness through our own standards and guidelines.- Alfred Lord Tennyson's Maud; A Monodrama - Madness or Maud.Sadie bore two babies out of wedlock which, back then was a big taboo for any women to do let alone, an African American one such as herself who is already looked down upon due to her skin color. Maud the other sister, is the individual who follows the societal rules by being very meek and mousey.Sadie demolishes the gender roles that have been ingrained in society by going into motherhood without a husband therefore, Putting Ma, Pa, and Maud to shame. The dominating hegemonic groups have set forth very strict gender guidelines that must be followed and Maud does just that throughout her life. Maud is a prime example of the fallacies that come with the misconception that following rules and socially constructed guidelines does not equate to happiness in the present and in the future.Reason Statement 1: Brooks uses end rhyme to emphasize that the one who isn’t successful can still find happiness in life....[tags: Personal life, Life, Success, Gwendolyn Brooks] - The Speaker’s Madness Manifested as Obsessions in Maud Alfred Tennyson breaks away from the pastoral discourse that is typical of the Romantic Age and transcends into the Victorian Age with a poem full of obsession, madness, death, love, and patriotism in his creation of Maud.In Maud, the state of the speaker’s life and his mental health are called into question from the very beginning.The speaker’s initial mental state is one of madness, a melancholic, morbidity that has been influenced by the suicide of his father into a persona that is not perfect or happy, but a disturbed man with nothing to recommend him to a higher state....


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