Sapphire And Steel Assignment 1

Sapphire And Steel Assignment 1-29
Don’t get me started on photographs of Victorian children, or motorway service stations for that matter…Each story develops slowly, leaving a lot of time for tension to build.The show is similar to others, like , in its use of long lingering shots that create a suspenseful atmosphere and feed discomfort as you wait for something to happen.

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aired between 19 on ITV and consisted of six assignments, each of which contained four to eight half hour episodes that formed a complete story.

The main protagonists of the show are Sapphire and Steel, played in the TV series by Joanna Lumley and David Mc Callum.

they’re unstable.” Two other operatives, Lead and Silver, made appearances on the show; more operatives were referred to by name, including Jet and Copper. The introduction seemed to suggest that they were some kind of humanoid manifestations of the substances for which they are named, however in a later episode, Steel made the suggestion that they are aliens “in an extraterrestrial sense.” The exact meaning behind his words was never clarified.

By this point I can hear the chemists screaming that many (if not most) of these names are not elements at all—and of course you are all correct. Regardless of their origins, each of the operatives appears to have some special abilities that makes them as a team, sort of akin to the X-Men.

Whoever or whatever they are, Sapphire and Steel are both clearly mortal and as much at risk from the entities they fight as are the humans who are inevitably caught in the middle of the events. The DVD box set lists titles but the provenance of these is uncertain and so each assignment is often referred to by a number of different fan-given titles: number one is known variously as “Escape Through a Crack in Time,” “The House that Jack Built,” and more.

The assignments were never given titles by the show’s creator P. Two is “The Railway Station,” or “The Soldier,” and so on.

At the beginning of the first assignment Sapphire explains a little to a teenage boy caught up in events when his parents vanish.

However, this explanation actually raises more questions than it answers.

The show was excruciatingly vague about who these “operatives” were exactly. Sapphire can manipulate time to a small degree, learn the age of objects by touching them, project illusions, and more.

Steel has telekinetic abilities, can freeze himself to “minus 273.1 degrees,” and possesses superhuman strength.


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