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Also, the proliferation of niche audiences spurs sophisticated and partisan humor because these smaller groups of viewers have very particular tastes, identities, and affinities.They are thus more likely to share a sense of what’s funny.

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On a Wednesday night in December, Rachel Maddow, in a toreador-style black jacket, waits for her show to start.

She types last-minute notes on her computer with the intensity of a graduate student.

More and more news programs are likely to go absurdist in the coming months and years.

As faith in and loyalty to traditional anchors wither, one can even hear ironic Maddowian intonations creeping into the delivery of CNN’s not-so-funny anchor Campbell Brown on her new show.

At the 30 Rock news television studio, with its red, white, and blue décor, late-night assistants running about, and two dozen television screens on all around her, Maddow seems in her element.

And when the show begins, perhaps unsurprisingly, it is devoted to “Blago”—the thoroughly and hilariously embarrassing (and now former) Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.“The funnier side of the political spectrum is the one where your enemies are most ridiculous,” says Wolff.Maybe, but I think it has more to do with a shift in how people like information conveyed. So many felt degraded by the Bush era that they wished to degrade him back, on television.Back then, of course, real anchors exuded TV’s version of gravitas and solidity.The SNL Update was just milking anchors’ self-seriousness for laughs.Now, you may be thinking, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert perfected comedy news a while back, no?But Maddow marks a watershed for a different sort of news comedy.In the 1990s and 2000s, this satirical mode built up a head of laughing gas with The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Air America’s Al Franken.Comic news has become so popular that it even saved the career of a louche pothead named Bill Maher, who in a few short years went from comic outlier to éminence gris.” MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show made its debut in the fall of 2008 and by October had grabbed 1.89 million viewers, beating CNN’s Larry King Live in the over-twenty-five and under-fifty-four demographic for that whole month.Maddow’s mocking on-air demeanor reminds many people of what they liked most about college.


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