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Shyne, another in Combs stable of lyrical arsonists (Jamal Barrows 21) is also set to have a huge album out this month on the Bad Boy label. That is, if the legal problems do not interfere with BMG agreeing to release the album, due to his recent court cases with Combs. Some of his albums include, ‘Forever’, ‘The Saga Continues.’, ‘Press Play’ and ‘Last Train to Paris’.

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Before pursuing his career as a vocalist, Combs was a business-minded Howard University student and an intern at Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records.

Combs soon became the A&R representative for Uptown.

Combs continues to be the mastermind behind the label he started.

He recently signed an unknown act from California called “Dream”.

He then began producing for soon to be mega-stars Mary J. After being let go by Uptown Records (for reasons unknown to this day), Combs took his act over to Clive Davis’ Arista Records distribution team in late 1993 (who are rumored to have paid an estimated $75 million dollars to establish his own record label, Bad Boy (Heal).

With the deal cemented with Arista, Sean Combs was about to embark on the greatest mission of his life. G’s singles “Juicy”, “Warning”, and, “Big Poppa” took the then unknown label to new heights in the spring and summer of 1994 (Heal).They (Dream) also are a little more parental friendly. The girls are one of the few if not only group on the Bad Boy label that does not carry the “Parental Warning” stigma. Such expansive borrowing has given Puffy Combs and Bad Boy a friendly, non-threatening air, allowing their raps to be cheerful boasting, rather than the nihilistic, violence-filled raps of their California-based rival, Death Row Records (Cox News, Nov. Combs attained astronomical sales figures by relooping songs from a bygone era. Bad Boy Records had a very successful year in 1998. Sean Diddy Combs, AKA Puff Daddy, is the definition of a mogul.Starting his career as the director of A&R at Uptown Records, he was integral in launching the careers of Mary J.Many of their artists albums such as Faith Evans, 112’s “Room 112”, Total’s “Kima, Keisha, and Pam” were all certified gold in 1998, as well as a best of Bad Boy compilation. He was popular enough, “to add Rolling Stone cover guy to his list of lengthy credits (AP Wire, July 15.). Sales were solid for Bad Boy in 19, however 1997 was the year that the tiger was let loose on the hip-hop scene, and it has never been the same since. The shooting in March of 24 year-old Christopher Wallace boosted the ascent of businessman/producer Sean “Puffy” Combs, Bad Boy Records. It was featured on Combs new album: “Puff Daddy and the Family”.The year started off in March with what seemed to be a disaster. In fact during the summer of 1997, most of the songs on the upper reaches of the music charts were either by, featuring, or about “The Notorious B. Based on the 1983 hit, “Every Breath You Take” by the British pop group “The Police”, it went on to sale 3 million copies and garner Combs his first ever Grammy award (Color Blind, March 8.).


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