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Provide one example of a behavior which could be found to be hostile environment sexual harassment. The other kind is hostile working environment harassment, in which the sexual nature of the conduct of co-workers and ...The 2nd kind of sexual harassment defines by The U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is “hostile environment,” in which unwelcome sexual conduct “unreasonably interfer[es] with an individual’s job performance” or creates an “intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.” ,”( The U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission N-915.048 1/12/90) In the hostile environment the person receiving the sexual harassment feels they must allow this to continue and/or comply with the sexual requests all to keep the job they have and/or to continue to receive raises and promotions, even though the employee does not want to do this they have the feeling of pressure and fell they have no other options. the employer fears that a person of different racial background will ... The conduct complained of must have had a deleterious effect on the employee’s job. The harassment must have occurred during the scope of employment. The 1st factors is speaks to the person needs to be in a protected the class the protected classes are man and woman.Provide one example of a behavior which could be found to be quid pro quo sexual harassment. An example of this would be when a person sexually harassment another employee but the employee that is receiving the sexual harassment does not do anything about it when they allow this to happen where as another employee would not allow and this employee is then promoted to a better position due to allowing the sexual harassment to go on this person was granted special rewards for allowing the sexual harassment or even acting on the sexual harassment to be promoted, this can also work the opposite way as well say the employee that was sexually harassed file a complaint confronts the person doing the sexual harassment then this person is not promoted or given a raise that is due based on them not allowing the sexual harassment to continue.

Give the main legal reason why every company should have a valid written policy against sexual harassment (besides the fact it is the “right” thing to do.) The main legal reason is so that it is clearly spelled out in black and white for all employees to see so that at no point can anyone ever say they were not aware of the policy or the rules that guide this policy. The facts: Kimberly Ellerth was an employee at Burlington Industries where she was employed for 15 months as a salesperson. The she closely studies the case of Equal Employment Opportunity ... Also, sexual harassment toward or by gay employees or co- ... Policy In order to create healthy working environment at workplace, it is crucial that no employee suffers from any form of sexual harassment ... establish strong, clear sexual harassment policies in the work ...

The employer needs to put all the steps clearly stated as it rest for the employer to make all attempts that this does not happen. to state that unlawful employee harassment is prohibited. Ted Slowik was a mid-level manager over Ellerth with authority to hire and promote with approval from high management. by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) after investigation revealed sexual harassment in the workplace. her being slapped on the butt and the person put a banana in his mouth and such ... dilemma concerning legislation and policies addressing sexual harassment in Greece recurring in ... sexual favors are demanded for continued employment ... employees they are not always supported by other women (who think that harassment was caused by a provocating behavior).

“se•vere adjective \sə-ˈvir\: very bad, serious, or unpleasant : causing a lot of physical pain or suffering : very harsh” (Severe. “per•va•sive adjective \pər-ˈvā-siv, -ziv\ : existing in every part of something : spreading to all parts of something” (Pervasive. Some situations that are considered severe and pervasive are touching, joking, commenting, distribution of sexual materials, (Moran 2011) when the items are not warranted and it is asked to stop….

Both of these terms are important together to make the determination if the situation meets the minimum to be determined as sexual harassment.

“Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive work environment.” (sexual harassment.

(n.d.) West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Sexual harassment comes in several different forms from words to touching to gestures something that is present from one person to another person sexually that is not wanted by the other person.Although she has not alleged she suffered a tangible employment action at Slowik’s hands, which would deprive Burlington of the affirmative defense, this is not dispositive. In his article Schools, liability, and sexual harassment Kris Axtman takes a look at how ... In light of the Court’s decision, Burlington is still subject to vicarious liability for Slowik’s activity, but should have an opportunity to assert and prove the affirmative defense. I agree with the court’s decision due to Ellerth not reporting the incidents. Reference list: Kris Axtman Schools, liability, and sexual harassment, December 08, 2003. develop educational policies, which will help prevent sexual harassment and explain what is considered acceptable behavior and ... Although the law recognizes two forms of sexual harassment, quid pro quo and a hostile work environment, the definition is not easily explainable for what it truly is. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, is an act of sexual discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.An employer is negligent, and therefore subject to liability under §219(2)(b), if it knew or should have known about sexual harassment and failed to stop it. Negligence sets a minimum standard for Title VII liability; but Ellerth seeks to invoke the more stringent standard of vicarious liability. Quid pro quo is the "bargained-for sexual harassment" (HRS).This definition covers sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and anything … …necessary to carry out the investigation or take other subsequent necessary action.The 6th will need to show that sexual harassment took play while the insured was employed with the employer.Explain what situations are considered “severe or pervasive” and why these terms are important.


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