Shakespeare Twelfth Night Essay On Love

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When s/he arrives, Cesario has a set speech, a rehearsed part that s/he plans to deliver to Olivia in an effort to win her love for Orsino.

It’s not until Cesario goes off-script, speaking as him/herself that Olivia is moved.

The scene moves from prose to verse—Shakespeare’s signal that both women begin to speak more genuinely and from the heart as the rhythm of verse mimics a heartbeat.

And here’s the irony—Olivia is drawn to the authentic in Viola even as Viola is disguised in the false persona of Cesario.

This dual gender presents a quandary to Viola—as desire and gender expectations fail to align.

“As I am a man, “ she tells us, “ my state is desperate for my master’s love.Having spent three months with Sebastian, Antonio cannot be separated from him in spite of any danger to himself.He says out of earshot to the departing Sebastian, “Come what may, I do adore thee so, that danger shall seem sport, and I will go.” Like Olivia, he also shifts to verse as he utters these lines.Viola is the perfect person to challenge their isolation.Unlike Orsino, she is determined to find a way into Olivia’s house.By the time Shakespeare came to write , however, his young son had died.He introduces us to the twins in this play at the moment Viola believes her twin brother to have drowned.presents a duality of loss and love embodied in the pairing of characters—twins as well as lovers.Comedy, as a genre, moves from a place of disorder to order—a community that is off-kilter moves toward social stability embodied in the uniting of a married couple. ” Benedick exclaims in is no exception to this expectation of comedies. The full title “Twelfth Night or What You Will” hints at both the raucous, comical aspects of the story and the deeper, more difficult questions about love and desire.So how does Olivia fall in love with Viola/Cesario so quickly?Well, unlike Orsino, Cesario actually manages to see Olivia in person.


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