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Our magical travel in this charming chocolate world begins with the acquaintance with Charlie and his family.

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It is a world of sweets, chocolates, candies, miracles, little creatures, and magical inventions. It shows us that it is very important to respect elders, listen to them and not to break the rules.

This story takes you from reality to the incredible fairy tale. At first sight, it’s just a story about a lucky poor boy and his fascinating chocolate factory tour. It teaches us how to be good, kind, moral, courteous and generous.

You see that Charlie rather differs from other children in this story who are disobedient, greedy and aggressive towards the parents and others. When others tried to use all their money and possibilities to get these golden tickets, he got it utterly unexpectedly and without a great tug. Because of it, Charlie managed to change not only his own life but the life of his family. That’s why the destiny of Charlie is not the same as the destiny of other children portrayed in this tale.

That’s why they are depicted as immature and are punished to correct their behavior (Hissan 32). He got not only the golden ticket but the whole chocolate factory itself. It’s the case when a kind heart and good intentions and deeds do marvels. And this is a lesson that we should take from this story.

Let’s try to follow Charlie in his deeds and not the other ill-bred children who met a troubled end in the tale. The other kids who received their golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory were greedy, impatient, and spoiled.

We should take a lesson from this fairy tale and try to make our lives and behavior better. Although a fantastic miracle happened in their lives, they were not grateful for it and fate punished them for their ingratitude: what goes around comes around.

I love chocolates because I love how they melt in my mouth.

How Does Charlie and Chocolate Factory Speak to the Phrase “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a magical world created for children. It shows us how bad behavior and immorality can lead you to a bad ending.

Chocolate is made from cacao beans ground into powder.

The cacao beans themselves are from the cacao plant which grows in countries. However, they discovered that by adding milk, chocolate tastes smoother and sweeter.


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