Sir Love Movie Essay

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But Maria succeeds where Malvolio fails—perhaps because she is a woman, but, more likely, because she is more in tune than Malvolio with the anarchic, topsy-turvy spirit that animates the play. Sir Andrew Aguecheek attempts to court Olivia, but he doesn’t stand a chance.

He thinks that he is witty, brave, young, and good at languages and dancing, but he is actually an idiot.

Malvolio is very efficient but also very self-righteous, and he has a poor opinion of drinking, singing, and fun.

His priggishness and haughty attitude earn him the enmity of Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Maria, who play a cruel trick on him, making him believe that Olivia is in love with him.

“Rocketman” kicks off in a similarly dark and trippy place, as Taron Egerton’s Elton John — clad in a campy, blood-orange onstage costume, complete with wings and devil’s horns — bursts into a rehab session and rattles off his addictions, from drinking to drugs to sex to, well, shopping. Cue a lavish production number straight out of a Broadway musical, taking us back to the very beginning, when Sir Elton Hercules John was a lonely little boy named Reginald Kenneth Dwight, growing up in a virtually love-free home in Pinner, Middlesex … From the get-go, this film tells us we’re in for a real SHOW.

Paramount Pictures presents a film directed by Dexter Fletcher and written by Lee Hall. He is the classic self-destructive rock star, the man who has everything and wants for nothing and is adored by millions but feels alone and empty and broken. Elton John deserves a movie operating on a much grander scale than a standard, paint-by-numbers showbiz biopic, and “Rocketman” is a suitably snazzy vehicle.

Viola - A young woman of aristocratic birth, and the play’s protagonist.

Washed up on the shore of Illyria when her ship is wrecked in a storm, Viola decides to make her own way in the world.

Antonio - A man who rescues Sebastian after his shipwreck.

Antonio has become very fond of Sebastian, caring for him, accompanying him to Illyria, and furnishing him with money—all because of a love so strong that it seems to be romantic in nature.


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