Solving Inequality Word Problems

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Context refers to the real-life situation is which the problem takes place.

So, for example, think back to the truck problem that we solved above.

1)Fuel from petrol pump A costs 3 per gallon and from petrol pump B costs 5 per gallon. Any coordinates from that region satisfies the inequality. 2) Anita works as a online tutor for $\$ $4 per hour.

The 4th center graph represents the solution region.

When we talk about these situations, we often refer to limits, such as “the speed limit is 65 miles per hour” or “I have a limit of 250 text messages per month.” However, we don’t have to travel at exactly 65 miles per hour on the highway, or send and receive precisely 250 test messages per month—the limit only establishes a boundary for what is allowable.

Solving Inequality Word Problems Assignmenst For Money

Thinking about these situations as inequalities provides a fuller picture of what is possible.are used all the time in the world around us—we just have to know where to look.Figuring out how to interpret the language of inequalities is an important step toward learning how to solve them in everyday contexts.When solving these problems, remember that the solution will be a range of possibilities—inequalities do not have a single answer, as equations do.Absolute value inequalities can be used to model situations where margin of error is a concern.Once we have identified the relationship between the two quantities we can put in the appropriate symbol.Erykah has found three pairs of running sneakers that she likes, costing 0, 9, and 9.In the first four papers each of 100 marks, John got 95, 72, 73, 83 marks.If he wants an average of greater than or equal to 75 marks and less than 80 marks, find the range of marks he should score in the fifth paper.The maximum weight allowed on this bridge was 65,000 pounds.We can also think of this relationship using the language of inequalities used in the table: the total weight of the cab, trailer, and cargo had to be no more than 65,000.


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