Sound Resynthesis

A good analogy to keep in mind when Resynthesizing is: 'Load, Aim and Fire'.That is, 'Load' the sample, 'Aim' by adjusting the Resynthesis controls and 'Fire' by sending the sample to the desired Keyboard Zone.

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If desired you can change the import resolution by selecting the RESOLUTION (Normal, High, Best) options in combination with the 'Import charged sample' step.

If you have resynthesized a sample and the sound is still out of tune (and you have set the Resynthesis DETUNE range to the max) the following method may help: 6.1 If you don't need to preserve Detune settings on other Spectra, turn down the 'Control Range' Detune slider (on the main interface) to the minimum setting.

BALANCE - Adjust the TEST playback balance between the original sample (fully left) and the resynthesized sound (fully right).

The default is a 50/50 mix of the original and resynthesized sounds and is a good starting position as you use the Note & Detune controls to fine-tune the tone of the resynthesized sound to match the original.

The optimization criterion in VAEs being the sum of the reconstruction error and a regularization term, it naturally leads to a lower reconstruction accuracy than DAEs but we show that VAEs are still able to outperform PCA while providing a low-dimensional latent space with nice "usability" properties.

We also provide corresponding objective measures of perceptual audio quality (PEMO-Q scores), which generally correlate well with the reconstruction error.

Note that you can load your own custom Noise Samples to the library if needed.

'Fire', shoot the resynthesized sound to a Zone: Open the SPECTRUM menu and import the Spectra into the selected Zone (Import charged sample).

CHARGE SMP - Charge Sample opens a Load Dialog to browse and load (Charge) samples.

Clicking the button again when a sample is loaded will 'Uncharge' the sample, clearing it.


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