Squealer Propaganda Essay

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Squealer is a fictional character, a pig, in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

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He is described in the book as an effective and very convincing orator. In the 1954 film, he is a pink pig, whereas in the 1999 film, he is a Tamworth pig who wears a monocle.

Throughout the novel Squealer is highly skilled at making speeches to the animals. Under the rule of Napoleon, Squealer does things to manipulate the animals.

Squealer serves as an absurd and illogical justification for corruption and violence.

In the image of Squealer Orwell sought to show the manipulation of media by politicians for their own benefits.

In the end, Squealer reduces the Seven Commandments to one commandment, that "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

A point is made by Napoleon dismissing the education of the mature animals as a lost cause while Snowball attempts to educate them all (he does focus on the key ideals of Animalism, nevertheless) and starting many committees which are apparently for the good of the entire Farm — Napoleon is explicitly stated to have 'no interest' in these committees, instead snatching up newborn dogs to educate them in seclusion.

True to his cynical nature, he continues to believe that life never gets better.

He is briefly outraged by Boxer's death, but becomes ever more cynical when Squealer again convinces the denizens of the Farm that Boxer was only taken to a hospital.

Squealer represents Vyacheslav Molotov who was Stalin's protégé and head of Communist propaganda.

It is also possible that Squealer represents the Soviet newspaper, Pravda.


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