Steel Component Method Thesis

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Sensitivity analysis based on BP (Back Propagation) algorithm shows that each factor has different influence on overall similarity.

The purpose of this paper is to study the effects of three incomplete similar factors on the overall incomplete similarity error of steel frame structures and its mechanism.

A method to investigate the similitude error between the scale model and prototype is proposed that can correct similitude errors in the experimental results.

Similarity theory is one of the basic theories in the structural scaled down model test and plays a vital role in engineering-oriented design [1].

In addition, the effect of the geometric incomplete similarity in steel joints and its contribution to similitude error of the entire frame has rarely been evaluated in the past.

This paper is based on similarity theory, investigating the effect of three incomplete geometric similarity factors on the similitude error between a scale model and a prototype, which are the geometric similarity of steel components, the stiffness of steel joints and the stiffness of the column base. Furthermore, this paper presents the correlation of the three factors mentioned based on structural sensitivity analysis by use of BP (Back Propagation) algorithm.The horizontal loads applied at the top of the columns were 100 k N.All the beam-column joints are End-Plate connection joints.However, this theory is facing the challenges of complicated theoretical derivation, identification of the number of similarity factors and a lack of research into showing the numerical error between the scale model and the prototype [2].In addition, the effect of the incomplete geometric similarity in steel joints and its contribution to similitude error of the entire steel frame has rarely been evaluated until now.Assuming the geometry scaled ratio of the frame is 1:4, according to basic similarity relations derived in the first part, all the other parameters’ scaled ratios can be derived and listed in Table 2.The frame’s component specification of the scaled down model and the prototype is listed in Table 3., these three parameters are chosen as the basic parameters with independent dimension.So the 14 relevant system parameters can be transformed into certain function of 11 dimensionless parameters.In the entire frame, prior studies have failed to evaluate the result when many parts of the scaled down frame are dissimilar to those of the prototype. studied the semi-rigid characteristic of steel beam-to-column connections, which play a vital role in the whole frame [5].Thus, the similitude of the semi-rigid characteristic of steel beam-to-column connections is also an important aspect of overall similarity. In the same way, the similarity of the stiffness of the column base, also has an important influence on the overall similarity of the structure [6].


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