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He describes the present age as 'the age of anxiety' - the age of stress.Whosoever you happen to meet - at your workplace or at home or in the market - be he rich or poor, mighty or meek, superior or subordinate, educated or illiterate, adult or aged, male or female- is suffering from stress of one kind or the other.

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The reason - in the pit, they are not in control, they are dependent on their crew.

(e) Encounter Stressors This emanates from dealings with individuals or groups of people who are perceived as potentially unpredictable or unpleasant.

Formula I racing drivers tolerate much physical discomfort and forces many times g as they negotiate turns at speeds of upto 200 mph.

However, when questioned they felt more stressed during their seven to eight pit stops - despite being stationery.

The classification suggested by them is as follows: (a) Organic Stressors Nutritional factors, genetic factors (metabolic, allergies, etc.), physical fitness and level of resistance, etc.

(b) Personal Stressors Marriage, new job, transfer, change of occupations, retirement, etc.Surprisingly the people of the latter area felt more stress since they did not know what to expect.Whereas in the former area, they knew what to expect and were mentally prepared for it.In a study undertaken by Byrum & Robinson in 1993 (San Diego, CA), it was found that insurance claims for payment of stress-related illnesses were about twice those paid for normal physical injury and cost about 0 billion annually! Stress emanates from the day-to-day dealings and disturbances.A petty issue in a family creates altercation amongst the members and causes stress.Design your lifestyle in a manner that your needs and wants are fulfilled in a balanced way.Be content, otherwise there is no end to desires and greed.h) Environmental Air pollution, noise pollution and congestion are some of the environmental stressors.(i) Change Related Keeping pace with rapid technological change, acquiring newer skills are also factors that cause stress to people.(f) Time Stressors It stems from the general feeling that time is running out or an anxiety of meeting deadlines.(g) Workplace Related Relationship with subordinates, superiors, colleagues, office politics, rivalry, lack of support, insecurity of job, lack of status, job dissatisfaction are the prime stressors.


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