Tattoos And Body Piercing Essay

Tattoos And Body Piercing Essay-88
It is be completely voluntary for someone to get a tattoo.

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The Spaniards who discovered the designs on the Mexicans, were shocked as they had never seen this work before and called it Ôthe work of Satan.Õ Warriors in these South American tribes were tattooed to remind them and others of their success and bravery in battle. If you were a convicted criminal, you would get a mark on your forehead, convicted twice yet another, and if you were convicted a third time, you would receive a third and final mark making the Japanese symbol for ÔdogÕ.

Royalty in England received tattoos from Japanese artists symbolizing wealth and authority.

It consisted of very sophisticated, detailed geometrical designs.

The Polynesian people would add more and more tattoos to themselves until their body was completely covered.

Henna tattooing is made up from many different, complex and small designs. Some tribes use tattoos on their warriors to show bravery and strength.

They are mostly made up of flowers, plants, vines, and different shapes, and are usually done on the hands or feet of a woman. Others use the tattoo as a form of recognition for becoming a man.

They believed it was a sign of beauty and strength to be tattooed.

Mexicans tattooed their idols and gods on their skin.

In most cases, people get tattoos for a personal meaning.

Whether it be to remember something great that happened in your life, to show affection or emotion, or because that specific design meant a lot to you, thereÕs no one reason for a tattoo. Other reasons for getting a tattoo are to be rebellious. teenagers, choose to get a tattoo because their parents simply donÕt want them to.


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