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A lack of openness within a team (i.e., holding back important information) hinders the most fundamental function of teamwork, namely the integration of team members' knowledge and experience on their common task.

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Workload sharing and prioritizing of the team's task over other obligations are indicators for the effort team members exert on the common task.

In order to achieve high teamwork quality and avoid conflict among team members, it is important for everyone in the team to know and accept the work norms concerning sufficient effort.

Some of the main reasons will be discussed, along with ways to keep teams small.

This study's findings have been reported in several publications, and this manuscript draws from such prior works (Hoegl, 2005; Hoegl, Ernst, & Proserpio, 2007; Hoegl & Gemuenden, 2001; Hoegl & Parboteeah, 2007; Hoegl, Parboteeah, & Gemuenden, 2003; Hoegl & Proserpio, 2004).

Competitive behaviors in a team lead to distrust and frustration, whereas mutual support fosters the integration of team members' expertise and is therefore a critical aspect of the quality of collaboration in teams.

Team norms regarding the effort of team members are of particular importance to the collaborative team process. Improving the creativity of organizational work groups.

Without questioning the motivational potential of competition in the case of independent individual tasks, for interdependent tasks, mutual support is more productive than are the forces of competition.

Thus, team members working on a common goal should display mutual respect, grant assistance when needed, and develop other team members' ideas and contributions, rather than trying to outdo each other.

Hence, the following discussions start with asking what is good teamwork, leading to a brief discussion of assessing teamwork quality by means of its six facets.

This is followed by a discussion when teamwork quality matters most. The paper concludes with one key driver of teamwork quality, that is., team size.


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